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Improving the lives of employees through mind & body wellness
Simultaneously improves the lifeline of the Organization.

Some things seem so obvious to some, yet others need to see the proof even when it’s a 5000 year old holistic practice that has withstood the test of time. Okay, so the proof is in, and yeah, it works!

There is an enormous amount of research to support the multitude of benefits that can be obtained from of a mind-body practice such as yoga, meditation and Pilates. Most people today know it, though life and the responsibilities that come with living often leave little room for the very thing that can help us live it better. This is where an intelligent and upward moving company can come in to the rescue, and make it a win-win for all!

Numerous studies have evaluated the ability of wellness programs to improve healthy behaviors in the workplace. The American workforce is becoming more mindful mentions Time Magazine’s January 5th, 2017 issue. Further stating that more than 85,000 adults, practice Yoga among U.S. workers almost doubled from 2002 to 2012, from 6 percent to 11 percent. Meditation rates also increased, from 8 percent to 9.9 percent. Citing a recent study showing that, yoga and meditation have shown to improve employee well-being and productivity. The study’s authors say, “Our finding of high and increasing rates of exposure to mindfulness practices among U.S. workers is encouraging,” they wrote in the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) journal Preventing Chronic Disease

Healthy behaviors create a more productive workplace by decreasing absenteeism, increasing retention, and sustaining high employee morale. Employees who have high morale are significantly less likely to be absent from work, and are happier to go, and remain with a company that invests in them. What better way to show someone you care, than showing concern for their well-being. 

Additionally, one of the most imposing elements of everyday life can be stress if it’s not controlled. Mind-body related practices help keep stress in check before it infiltrates all aspects of life, not the least the workplace. Research has also shown that slowing down and deepening breath, which is a main component of yoga and meditation, can control blood pressure and improve heart rate, thereby having real effects on our psychological and physical wellness.

Bottom line, the proof is in, that offering a wellness program to the most important asset of any organization creates a happy, healthy and appreciative workforce, and that translates into simple logic.

Classes, Sessions and Workshops

Mimi For Me Yoga, mind and body wellness LLC., provides classes, sessions and workshops that are specifically designed to suit your unique needs and combine the most holistic and effective components in wellness today, such as:

Your Employees Will Benefit From:

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We offer our services within the tri-state metropolitan New York area. At your convenience one of our fully certified professional teachers will offer the sessions/workshop at your place of business. Let us assist in helping you create a happier, healthier and more productive workforce.

Joy, Love, Gratitude, and Peace

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