Taking Time to Recharge

As I struggle through the past few weeks with an ever slowing down of my smartphone, skipping, and shutting off spontaneously, I realize I need to find the time to either replace it or get it a new battery before it completely shuts down on me. Now, it’s just finding the time to do address this issue. Though that may not be something I care to put on my productive to-do-list, the catch is that if I don’t, there may not be a list from which to be productive. Most of us rely on this little contraption that is supposed to make our lives more efficient and thus less stressful. However, have it start shutting down, and the opposite quickly becomes an unwelcomed realty.

Just about anything that operates on power will slack in performance when the power source begins to deplete. So why should the most amazing of machines, our mind and body be any different?

In fact, with this one and only life-time machine, we can not just exchange it, or buy it a new battery, we need to continually recharge from the source throughout it’s lifespan so that it can keep on working for us.

Without taking the time to recharge our batteries every so often everything begins to drop a level, or two, or three in performance, from our health and vibrancy, to our relationships, to our work, and thus ultimately our enjoyment and quality of life.

Finding ways to ways to boost and nurture our mind and body is of utmost importance to maintain our machine running as smoothly and glitch-free as possible. Simply put, it must be high on our to do list if we don’t want it to burn out.

When we give ourselves the time to fully unwind, de-stress, and reconnect to our power source will be more productive, have more energy, and feel happier, which allows for that optimal connection to life itself.

What are some ways that you can recharge your power source?