Spring Cleaning and Detoxification with Yoga

It’s that time of the year again as nature begins its rejuvenation process after a long cold winter. We’ll soon open the windows to our homes to let the sunshine in. We’ll begin to spend more time outdoors exposing more skin as we shed more layers of clothing. No doubt, we’ll want to prepare so that we can give our mind body and spirit a fresh springtime start!

Preparation begins with a thorough Spring cleaning from the inside out, and when it comes to our bodies this means detoxifying and getting rid of Winter’s mental and physical sluggishness. We can begin by incorporating a good cleansing method, fresh foods, and adding yoga into our overall plan. Yoga serves as a perfect way to get started towards detoxifying the mind and body, not to mention it will help tone legs, arms and abs so that we are ready when it’s time to start shedding those layers of clothes!

So, begin by thinking of yourself as a flower preparing to bloom this Spring. For starters you’ll need lots of fresh water and oxygen. Yoga breathing, is an efficient way to bring more oxygen in to our lungs and to increase our circulation and metabolism. As Leslie Kaminoff so rightly states in Yoga Anatomy 2007, “…the key element that distinguishes yoga practice from gymnastics or calisthenics is the intentional integration of breath, posture and movement. Twists are terrific for cleaning out stale air from our lungs; (think of wringing out excess water from a wash towel) twists also stimulate and massage most of our abdominal organs including the kidneys and liver. Forward bends and inversions help to reverse the flow of blood, and stimulate the lymph system and refresh our minds.  

Start with a session or two a week of yoga practice, and before you know it you’ll have more energy, and feel an overall wellness as you release toxins, exhaustion and stagnation. Spring clean to rejuvenate, refresh, and revive! Your mind, body and spirit will not only feel lighter, but you’ll have more spring in your step as you welcome the warmer days ahead!  Happy Cleaning!

Warrior Series: 1, 2, and especially 3 – as a great way to strengthen legs, core and over all body toning.   Additionally, the wonderful Warrior series serves to balance us both mentally and physically, increasing stamina, patience and greater confidence within ourselves.    

Eagle pose – stimulates the circulation in the legs and can help combat cellulite and varicose veins.

Supported Shoulder Stand is a great way to stimulate the thyroid gland which can help stimulate our metabolic rates and help us balance our 5th Chakra, (Throat) helping us find our true voice.

Sing, be happy, and enjoy the season!  

“Mimi” Borda,
Mimi For Me Yoga, Mind & Body Wellness