Fall Fabulous Retreat 2017, Sivananda Ranch, Woodbourne, NY

Welcome to Autumn!

Every Autumn, especially here on the East coast, nature goes through this melancholic transition as it says goodbye to bright cheerful summer days and prepares for the next season ahead. The breezes become stronger and cooler, the air becomes crisper, we see fewer colors in flowers and less green on the trees as they lose their leaves and get whisked away by the winds of change. 
It can be sad, yet the spectacular transformation into Autumn is nothing less than pure beauty, and suddenly, everything is as it’s meant to be. Change and transformations can be sad and sometimes painful, but often necessary. I’m not sure who, but someone said, “Change is the only evidence of life.” 
Change sometimes happens without our control, whether for better or worse, but nature has also given us the ability to make things happen if we so choose. Note, something not given to the trees and flowers. 
So whatever which way change means to you in your life the Fall season is a perfect time to follow Mother Nature’s lead and perhaps create some space to take stock of where you may want to consciously and purposefully adjust, modify, pivot, or make a change for the better. 
From long walks in nature to lighting a candle, starting a meditation practice, to sitting with a cup of warm tea, and of course, making sure you get your very important yoga “me-time” in on a weekly basis! These are some great ways to create time and space to allow the spectacular energy of change to flow from within as it is meant to… and evidence of life continues…

Happy Autumn,

 Joy-Love-Gratitude, and Peace;