Fall Fabulous Retreat 2017, Sivananda Ranch, Woodbourne, NY

Welcome to Autumn!

Every Autumn, especially here on the East coast, nature goes through this melancholic transition as it says goodbye to bright cheerful summer days and prepares for the next season ahead.

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Sedona Me-TIME Journeys

Lucky and Privileged

As we approach our Yoga Retreat this year, of course, I’m excited; we have a great group of yogis and an amazing itinerary! I am, however, also acutely aware of

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Taking Time to Recharge

As I struggle through the past few weeks with an ever slowing down of my smartphone, skipping, and shutting off spontaneously, I realize I need to find the time to

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El Era Del Nuevo Conocimiento

Por Mimi Borda Como lo dice su palabra, que significa unión, el yoga nos ayuda a integrar nuestra mente, cuerpo y espíritu mediante la respiración consciente y posturas físicas para

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Passover and Easter Freedom For All

As many of us celebrate these holy days in the Jewish and Christian traditions with friends, family, or alone, we’ll also be reminded within our respective religion and traditions, about

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Joy, Love, Gratitude, and Peace

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