Traveling With Spirit in the Middle Seat

A long trip home with the last leg of it stuck in a small, uncomfortable, non-reclinable, middle seat on Spirt Air, my international carrier left a lot to be desired. However, as much as I complained from the outbound about this subpar airline, having now landed back on my home soil safely and soundly, and having had the extraordinary journey that I had, what have I to complain about?! A journey that happened even beyond my own will. Had it been left up to me this trip would have never gotten its wings, considering the run down state I’d been in since mom’s brain surgery 4 months ago.

Unexpectedly, taking on the job of sole caretaker, in and of itself may not be terrible if one can manage the day in and day out relentless physical work that’s required to care for another adult, especially and specifically when it’s your own mother. Okay, so one just goes, doesn’t stop, and hopes for a “day off” sometime soon. Then of course, there’s the mental aspect to contend with, for which navigating the system that’s at work is yet another challenging job, but there’s little choice here as well, things need to be organized, planned for, figured out and well, get done, so one does what has to be done. I began to cut my sleep hours so as to extend my days out. However, nothing managed to crush me to the core as the emotional battles that were thrust upon me. Having to pull myself together, push it aside, while I was crumbling inside just so I could continue with my daily duties, and not be completely debilitated was the toughest of times. No breaks on any day of any week of any month, and when the emotional, mental and physical bodies start working over time to the point of exhaustion and despair one can get close to a dark place that few can understand unless they too are a single care taker with all of nuances, and EL JUNKO, GALAPAGOS, ECUADOR. MARCH 2019 idiosyncratic challenges that come with that MIMI FOR ME YOGA job.

Living in this vulnerable state, like a bubble ready to burst, I have no doubt that a stronger power was at work sending forth the angels that would ultimately push me towards, even as I pushed away, the notion that I could even get away during this time. These angels came to literally tell me that I needed to do this, that this was the time to let go, even just temporarily, while mom was still in rehabilitation, and how important it was that I take this mental health break. Interesting, it’s what I teach and preach, yet truthfully, when one is in it, one can’t see the forest from the trees. These angels were some of my mother’s own friends, who brought in some light into that dark forest, and I began to see some light of truth and acceptance. Setting my mind at ease knowing that they would go see Mom, bring her home-made meals and spend time with her. Then there were my dear cousins, a pair of angels that allowed me the benefit of furthering the notion that I could do this, knowing that they too would look out for mom, and even more so, the ones that I could confidently go away knowing that my baby fur-angel would not only be left in good hands, but would be spoiled as he’s accustomed to… Hey, it’s not his fault after all. However, it was the angel that appeared really miraculously needing me as much as I needed her so that I could hire her as my “understudy” of sorts. She’d go daily over this 10 day period that I’d be away to look after mom, and most importantly keep up with her therapeutic routines. These angels appeared to make things happen, and no doubt my Guardian Angel watched over the rest.

My flights were on time every time, including my arrival home yesterday, which allowed me to give my meditation class an hour after landing; I offered a guided meditation of my experience at the top of that volcanic lake at sunrise when the sun had begun to warm over the mountain top, fresh clean morning air filled my lungs, and the Frigates began the day singing their song as they bathed and flew all around me… lovely to have relived it, and been able to share that enlightening experience in our session, even as the transition of being back in this fast paced city, of which I’m very much a part of began to take over…hopefully, not too soon.

Immediately afterwards, I headed home in my Uber. As the driver began to chit chat, talk of yoga came into the mix and he began asking how it could help with his back issues. I think I now have a new client! Got home, dropped off my luggage, got in my car and went to see my mom. She looks great, and happy with Cecilia, the angel that was heaven-sent to watch over mom in my absence. I’m not saying this lightly, as “Cecilia” happens to be the name of Mom’s eldest sister who took care of mom growing up since mom was the youngest of six. Coincidence, or could it be that my Aunt Cecilia from heaven sent this Cecilia to help out? Well, Cecilia is definitely a keeper! I’ll just have to hustle a bit more for this, but some angels are worth their weight in gold. Besides, I think I’ll get some help from above, so I’m not worried. Another thought that just crossed my mind as I’m writing this is that my mom’s other loving sister arrives tonight from Europe specifically to visit with mom for a bit. It’s not an easy trip for her as she’s 85, but again, it seems that the forces that be have it planned as such, and so it is. The thought of having Mom, her sister, and this angel Cecilia together in the same room puts me in an incredible state of awe of the universal powers at work. AND… After seeing mom, I made my way over to my cousin’s, who is Cecilia’s landlord and none other than my Aunt Cecilia’s daughter! I was the one who connected these two about a year ago!

Talk about plans in action before we mere mortals even know what’s truly happening. It seems the powers that be, had a plan brewing a year ago! Lastly, I can’t write about angels and discoveries or any of this without mentioning my extraordinary trip and what made it so great! First, my very hospitable hostesses; who opened up their beautiful homes and hearts as exemplary and proud ambassadors of their truly magnificent country, Ecuador. We ate deliciously, drank good wine, visited one of a kind places (as seen in the multitude of postings and videos shared on the Mimi For Me Yoga Facebook wall) and we talked to the wee hours just about stuff. Each lady with their own special blend of personality that make them both, in my book, good quality angels.

Ahhhh, but then, there was my solo sojourn to the Galapagos where I spent my own quality “Me- Time” with nature’s most amazing inhabitants, which was an inspiration onto itself. Charles Darwin theorized from his observations in this paradise that there’s an evolutionary natural selection (survival) that occurs only when a species can adapt to their ever-changing environment. He termed this “Survival of The Fittest”, and in that there’s a mind-blowing lesson to be learned. Yes, it’s based heavily on the scientific point of view of evolution, however, from where I find myself at this point in time, my adaptation to his theory is based more in the humanistic perspective when applied to our species. Whereby, as humans our survival is possibly less dependent on physiologically complex factors like growing wings, or fins, and more so on that which involves more understanding, and acceptance of each others imperfections, and a strong belief in self-reliance to pull through within our sometimes unexpected, and often ever-changing circumstances. Well, suffice it to say, that the enlightening time spent with the incredible island inhabitants of The Galapagos in juxtaposition with the fun-loving ladies on the mainland made for the perfect combination for all the therapeutic company that I needed, and a truly unforgettable trip that if planned out would never have been so, well, perfect!

I did a lot, and though I may not have rested enough physically I went from being on the brinks of a psychological and emotional breakdown a few weeks ago to a a mental reboot, and a renewal of my spirit.

So yeah, I have nothing to complain about, things are as they are for various reasons. Some we know why, and others that we just don’t and can’t even begin to decipher, but through it all, remember “Survival of the Fittest,” that angels are everywhere, look for them, let them in, and let them help. As for me, I’ll also keep the faith that my Guardian Angel is always watching out no matter what’s happening. As for the carrier of choice when traveling, I want to believe that it’s the Holy Spirit that is actually piloting this life long flight of ours, and knows what’s better, and what’s needed, even when squeezing us into that uncomfortable middle seat. There’s a reason – Believe.